We went all the way to the Gulf of Mexico…for a little bit of hope.

I have finally decided to start a blog about my son’s fight with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.  After finding a treatment that is working so well for him I feel almost like it’s my job to share his story with as many people as I can.  I’ll give you a little background on Levi as we go but I want to first share with you the treatment we have chosen, how we came to that decision, and the progress that he has made in the last few days.

On March 22nd of 2012, Levi was diagnosed with DMD.  He is only 7 and for someone to tell us our son would be in a wheelchair by 12 and not live past his early twenties it was devastating.  There is no cure for DMD and the only option we were given for treatment was steroids.  For a couple of days I was completely lost.  I didn’t pray because I was mad at God.  It took a couple of good friends telling me to pray harder than I ever had before but I eventually decided to pray for a sign.  Some reason that my son had to go through this.  That night I decided to search for alternative treatments for DMD and I was amazed to find a video on YouTube about a boy named Gabe.  Gabe had DMD and had been using a treatment called VECTTOR.  Here is a basic rundown of how VECTTOR works:

VECTTOR treatments are a form of electro-stimulation based upon acupuncture, reflexology, physiology, cellular physiology, and anatomy designed to stimulate the nerves to produce certain neuropeptides essential for optimal functioning of the body. These neuropeptides are vital for increasing circulation to the skin, bones and muscles and for reducing oxidative stress. The VECTTOR system is designed to read feedback from the body via skin surface temperatures, throughout the treatment process.

Sounds easy enough, right?  I thought so, too.  So I searched for videos of boys using the VECTTOR and found videos about Dr. Donald Rhodes in Corpus Christi, TX.  This was my sign.  You may not believe in God, fate, or anything like that but this was my sign.  I immediately told my husband and immediate family about the videos I had found.  We quickly came to the decision that with no side effects we had nothing to lose.

I’ll go into more detail later about our trip to Corpus, but that pretty much brings us to today.  We are 7 days into treatment and believe it or not we are already seeing big changes in Levi.  We actually saw improvements on day 1.  Now I am a very skeptical person so I know a lot of you will be second guessing me about what I just said but I promise you that VECTTOR is not snake oil and Dr. Rhodes is most definitely not a fake.

Some of Levi’s major accomplishments this week:  (Before numbers taken on day one, after numbers taken on day 5.)

Shoulder abduction before treatment was 5.0lbs on the right and 3.4lbs on the left.  After treatment it was 4.6lbs on the right and 5.0lbs on the left

Elbow Flex before treatment was 0.0lbs on both right and left.  After treatment it was 0.0lbs on the right and 3.4lbs on the left.

Calf Circumference before treatment was 29cm on both legs and now it is 28cm on the right and 27.5cm on the left.

All of this plus on day three of treatment he climbed in and out of the tub, without falling, completely by himself. That hasn’t happened in months. He even went up and down two flights of stairs at the hotel the last two days of treatment.  He was able to climb up the pool ladder almost by himself yesterday when on Memorial Day he couldn’t even get up one step.  He also threw a lawnmower tire about 7 feet away from him (lol).  Now that may not seem like a lot for 7 year old boy but this is a huge improvement for Levi.  He is walking straighter, with his legs more together, and his balance is amazing.  His energy level is through the roof and he is sleeping through the night without his melatonin supplement.  He is eating like a pig and he is all around a happier boy.

I write all this not to convince myself that it’s working but to convince other parents to take that leap of faith and hold onto that little glimmer of hope in the back of their mind.  There is a choice for a natural treatment that works.  It’s not a cure but it is most certainly a step in the right direction.  I’m doing my part by starting this blog to talk about Levi’s healing and to also raise money for families who cannot afford to make the trip to Texas to get this amazing opportunity.  You can help by spreading the word about this wonderful treatment and don’t be afraid to tell people to contact me with any question they might have.  Thanks for taking the time to read this and please subscribe so you can see all the amazing things Levi is doing!


Levi @ the beach – Port Aransas, TX


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