5am…NO BIG DEAL! :)

We’ve been up since 5am, running the VECTTOR.  I’m on coffee cup number two.  This will be my first day going to work after our trip to see Dr. Rhodes.  I thought I would be more tired but it’s not hard to get up in the morning when your excited to see what the day will bring. 

I am doing some research this morning on a dietary supplement called Protandim.  A few other boys are taking this along with using the VECTTOR and they seem to work alongside each other very well.  Here’s a link to find out a little more about it:


I’ll of course make my decision after further research.  I’ve been studying up a lot on natural supplements to help aid the repairs that the VECTTOR is making.  At this point if we can only put natural things into Levi’s body to treat this then that is my goal.  I know that eventually we may have to look into something stronger but for now natural is the road we are taking.

I hope you have a great day!


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