Little miracles every day!

I just wanted to post a few updates on how Levi is doing this week. Yesterday was his first day back to summer school after starting the VECTTOR treatments.  His teachers were amazed by how well he is getting around.  They couldn’t believe how well he was getting around and he was even better at his academics.  My mother watches my children during the day so she takes them to the park usually sometime during the day. Yesterday Levi climbed all the way up to the monkey bars, held himself up on them, and jumped down to the ground (a very big drop).  He was able to land on his feet and not fall.  This is a HUGE deal for him.  We were so excited!  He hasn’t ever been able to do that.  Also his temperatures are staying steady around 88-93 in his legs and from 93-97 in his hands.  This is making a huge difference in how he is able to get around.  We even noticed more definition in his leg and arm muscles.  It’s so awesome to witness these little miracles every day. 




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