Updates for the week!

Here are some changes with Levi that we have noticed this week:

– More energy!

– Still sleeping through the night without his melatonin supplement.

– Climbing on things at the park, not losing stamina even after playing for a long while. 

– Balance has improved a great amount since starting the treatments. 

– Eating all the time and actually seems to be gaining some weight back.  His ribs and chest bones are not so visible anymore.

– Muscle tone in his legs and arms is improving. His calves are smaller and we can actually see real calf muscle instead of just the fatty tissue that it used to be. 

– Holding a pencil the correct way and writing better in school.  Teachers are so excited.

– More sociable and is becoming more articulate.  Using much bigger words than usual and his speech is more clear since starting the treatments.  (Teachers also agree on this)

– Shoulder blades do not stick out as far as they used to. Shoulders seem much more relaxed.

Overall we are just seeing all kinds of change in Levi.  On this list are things that he used to struggle with or could not do at all so these are amazing accomplishments for only using the VECTTOR a little under a month now.  I’ll will keep you updated as we go along!





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