Well my baby bo…

Well my baby boy is now 8.  I would suspect for most parents of boys with DMD that birthdays are bittersweet.  We want our children to grow up but fear what getting older may bring for them.  I do have more hope than I did before starting VECTTOR but it’s still in the back of mind.  I can’t help but wonder what his future holds. I hope that a cure can be found and so many parents can have the weight of this worry lifted.

Levi is doing so well.  His teacher let us know that he will be in the regular 3rd grade classroom next year instead of having to go to the multi grade class for half of his school day.  This is very exciting for him.  This shows that his cognitive skills are improving!  He has been in the multi grade classroom since kindergarten so this is a big step.  We are so proud of him and all that he is accomplishing academically. 

Physically we are also seeing exciting things.  While he still struggles climbing the pool ladder or getting into our SUV we have to remind ourselves that these were things he was not able to do just a few short weeks ago.  For him to be able to climb one or two steps on the pool ladder is a big deal.  He still seems happier and he is definitely still eating more food! 🙂  His energy level is what is so great to see.  Instead of tiring out and going inside after a few short moments of being outside he runs and plays without losing so much energy.  He loves the swimming pool and can do so much under the water.  I think it makes him feel more mobile and anything I can do to help him feel more free is worth it.

Have a great 4th of July tomorrow! We will be playing with fireworks and enjoying our time off together.