Jumping On The Bandwagon

Thursday I will receive a shipment from Youngevity for the Defying MD Package.  Dr. Wallach and Todd Harrison have peaked my interest with their protocol and results.  So much so that I am starting my son on this protocol. We have been supplementing with Selenium and Vitamin E already for about 9 months and have been on a gluten free diet off and on.  We have seen results that I am happy with but I still feel he is declining. I also KNOW that it’s because I haven’t been doing the diet 100% and I haven’t added some of the extra supplements that were included in Todd’s protocol.  The main reason was a money issue. It’s taken us some time to save up to buy the supplements but now that we are in a place where we can afford it I am making it a priority.  We are a one income family so spending extra money is hard to do.  I’ve had to make cuts where I can but no more will I make cuts to any of our food or supplements.  I’ve done tons of research about Selenium and the other supplements he will be taking. I’ve talked with his physicians and even though they don’t agree that this will work, they agree that there will be no harm from trying.  I heard the same things before we tried the Vecttor and I still am so glad that we decided to purchase it.  I believe it has helped him stay mobile these last two years.

Duchenne is a fast moving monster, though, and the Vecttor doesn’t seem to be enough for our arsenal at this point.  That put me into Momma Bear mode and I decided to finally go with what my gut has been telling me for months now.  The little changes I have made so far have made pretty big strides for Levi’s stability.  That leads me to believe that if I add more nutrients and follow the diet plan strictly we will see even bigger improvements.

My goal for this trial is not to get my hopes up and not to guarantee myself it’s going to cure Levi.  Every parent of a child with DMD understands when I say that there is no easy answer on the care of our children.  We have to know so much information, we have to double check everything, we have to make sure that what we are putting into our children is only helping them and not causing other things to go wrong.  Nutrition is the best remedy for any ailment. Nature knows what it is doing. I don’t know if you believe in a god or if you’re spiritual, but I believe that everything put on this Earth is here for our benefit.   I don’t know if this is the right thing to do, but my gut is telling me it is.

I will be documenting any and all improvements Levi makes. I will be having his CK levels monitored and we will do a 6 minute walk test every month.  His diet will be as follows:


I hope this will help some of you that are on the fence about trying Youngevity for yourself or your child.  Good or bad results will be posted.  I’m not gonna church it up if it’s not working.  I want this to work very badly, but I will not be candy coating anything. I want this to be as unbiased as it can be for a personally run trial.  I know it won’t have scientific hold like some of you want but if this is something that can help I want it to be known by every person affected by DMD.

I hope you’ll follow my blog to see how Levi does while on the Defying MD protocol. We are excited and hope to have the same results as some of the others that have used this protocol.


Update for 2014…Goals…Wishes…Hopes :)

So, 2014 really caught me by surprise.  I swear that I blinked and missed 2013.  I have to admit that I was in a funk at the end of 2013.  We are down to a one income family so that I can stay home with the kids and be super mom.  It’s been so great for us as a family unit but it has put such a strain on the pocketbook.   Even with that, though, we made it work and we are still chugging along.  I slacked off on our diet the past few weeks and I’m really upset with myself that I’ve let my emotional state get to a point where its effecting what’s going on in our house.  That’s why I’m starting over and holding myself accountable by setting goals that work for our family.  We are all gonna get back on the healthy train and stay there because getting off is not an option.

Here’s what I’ve learned in the first two years since my son’s diagnoses.  IT IS NOT EASY but you HAVE to take care of yourself, too.  

I am telling you mom’s and dad’s…if you don’t take care of your own health, mental and physical, you will never get through this. When you are emotionally drained, your kids aren’t getting the full version of you.  Work out, take a bath, play some music…whatever your outlet it, make sure you get it once a day.  Cutting yourself short doesn’t help anyone. 

Eat healthy!!! I cannot stress this one ENOUGH.  IF you aren’t giving your family the proper nutrition then everyone is not going to be at their full potential. 

Make time for family time. If you already do tons of stuff together, great. Do more! 🙂 Your kids will thank you for it. 

We are going to get back into the swing of things and I’m am going to start video documenting Levi’s progress from here on out.  2013 was a big year for us and I know 2014 will be even bigger. Levi is still fully ambulatory only from using the Vecttor, supplements, and diet changes.  I am gonna stick to all of this full force and video documenting will help me hold myself accountable.  I hope you can make some goals for your family and make the changes you need to see your life for what it really is. PRICELESS. Image