Video Update #1- Defying Muscular Dystrophy – Duchenne

Here we are! Two weeks in and feeling good about our decision to start Levi on Youngevity.  If you have followed my blog for a while you know that Levi has been using the Vecttor since June of 2012.  I feel like it made a difference and has kept him mobile for the last two years.  Even with the Vecttor, though, we were still seeing a decline and the normal progression of the monster that is Duchenne.  So, my research gears starting turning in my brain and I decided to try something that had been nagging at me a while.  Todd Harrison from Defying MD has made some amazing improvements and actually has reversed symptoms of Becker’s MD.   Something kept telling me to just try it.  I went with my gut on the Vecttor and I know it my heart it did Levi a lot of good and still is.  So the decision was made and we jumped in.  We have all been following the Good Food/Bad Food list from Youngevity and taking the Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0.  Levi takes the BTT 2.0 plus the Ultimate Selenium, EFA Plus, FucoidZ, and Osteo-FX.  Gluten Free is not as hard as you would think and the kids have been amazing at trying new things. 

Now, onto the video!  Let me give you a little background on what you are about to see.  About two months ago, Levi lost the ability to get out of a seated position by himself.  He would ask for help every time he needed to get up.  On March 7th, just one week into our Youngevity trial, Levi surprised my daughter and I when he got up out of his chair at the dining table almost HANDS FREE!  Even when he still had the ability to get up unassisted he would use his hands to climb up his legs, then put his hand on the table to assist him the rest of the way. To go from needing full assistance (just two weeks ago) to what he can do now is a huge sign that we are doing something right.  I am so pleased to share this video with the DMD community.  I hope that it settles some of the debate over whether this is a worthwhile treatment or not.


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