Week 3 Youngevity Update

Here we are! Week 3 and things are still going really good.  This week I have some pictures, mainly for future comparison purposes, of Levi’s posture and the way his heels look when standing.  He has been a ‘toe walker’ for a couple of years now and the difference is pretty noticeable.  He had gotten to where his heels would be about 2-3 inches off the ground when standing and his balance was very poor.  If you’ll notice in the pictures, he is obviously experiencing some form of release from his contractures.


Here is a view of his back —–>


                                WEEK 2                                                                                WEEK 3

And a view from the side —->


                                  WEEK 2                                                                     WEEK 3

Overall, Levi is still doing good. Things seem to be moving in a hopeful direction and we are looking forward to see what else happens for him.  The video I posted last week has started circulating.  We have 103 views already so be and sure and share with anyone who is affected by Muscular Dystrophy.  





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