Bumps in the road

So here we are, July 22nd.  I was hoping to have a lot more time on the complete regimen under our belt now, but due to some financial hiccups and having to move, we fell off track for a few weeks.  Even so, Levi has still been doing really well. We have been eating as close to the diet as possible, we just ran into a lapse in being able to also afford the supplements.  I’m happy to say we are back on our feet now and Levi has been back on the gluten free diet (we also use the Youngevity Good Food/Bad Food list for other diet restrictions, they are recommended for maximum vitamin absorption) and Levi also still uses his Vecttor machine, daily.  We also use the Ultimate Selenium (from Youngevity), EFA Plus capsules (Youngevity), FuciodZ (Youngevity), and the a bone support drink (Youngevity) He also drinks a plant based protein drink from Youngevity that has 90 nutrients, amino acids, probiotics and more.  I choose these products because I feel they are quality-made and a better quality than what I can find in a normal grocery store.  I was buying a lot more supplements at a local homeopathic store but they were more expensive and I felt like my son was having to take too many pills throughout the day.  With the youngevity products, we get all the same vitamin regimen but not as many in pillform.  The diet has been pretty easy to follow.  We’ve had a few snags here and there with getting Levi to try more veggies and things like that but all in all he has been eating just about anything I make for him.   We have been back on this regimen for almost three weeks now, this time.  God closed some doors in our life but he has opened some and I’m happy to walk through them and continue on this journey.  I have prayed for an answer and a better way to care for my sons Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and I am confident that this is the path I’m being led on.  For whatever reason, I feel it in my heart that Levi is feeling better and doing better because we have been brave enough to think outside of the box. It’s scary at times to be doing something, not many other parents are doing but I feel pride at the same time that my son is in such good shape. I can’t wait to share some more pictures and video with you. I’ve got a ton of them to go through and edit some before and after comparison videos.  I hope to start posting weekly updates again with new video each time.  Please follow Levi’s progress with us!  If you have any questions about Levi’s regimen that is helping him reverse symptoms of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, feel free to contact me.  


One thought on “Bumps in the road

  1. Thank you so much for your video and blog. I have never followed a blog but have been inspired by yours. I am a total believer in nutrition therapy as I have sold pharmaceutical drugs for over a decade with one of the largest firms. I now promote diabetes reversal for type 2 diabetics with a program including youngevity healthy blood sugar pack.
    Keep up the good work. God bless you and yours

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